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Geoff Davis Plumbing 07932 309000 Torquay
Geoff Davis Plumbing07932 309000Torquay

Call-out Service for all water, drainage and other works

In addition to our extensive range of services, we offer a full professional service package, guaranteeing peace of mind and security in your home.

Emergency call-out

Imagine you come home one day and discover that a pipe has burst on your central heating pipe work or hot and cold water supply pipes and flooded your home. You're going to need professional help quickly!


Our emergency service provides rapid help with:


  • Water leaks
    If you have water coming through the ceiling or up through your floor. Someone may have drilled through a pipe in a wall  !  we will rapidly remedy the problem for you. If you have water coming through from your loft or bathroom you may have an overflowing cistern or water tank – we can replace or repair your ball valve promptly

    Broken pipes
    Suspected broken pipe, high water meter readings, we all know how expensive this can be and a small leak inside your property – this can be investigated and repaired by one of our Plumbers.


  • Blockages
    Kitchen sink, bath/shower waste draining away slowly or not at all. Bad smells from your sink or sanitary ware ? we offer a prompt service to unblock or replace where necessary, we can unblock your toilets and drains – we are only a call away.


In an emergency we can be called out at all hours to take care of any problems!

Phone: 07932 309000

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